I support and will work with Governor Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship which would make New York the first state with a free college tuition system. I also support a Marshall Plan for our public education system to help address the root problem impacting our kids, which is poverty, and will fight to change the unfair funding formulas that hurt NYC schools. I am a strong supporter of the DREAM Act and will fight to ensure its passage in the Senate.

Affordable Housing and Tenant Rights

I support repealing vacancy decontrol and will work with Assemblywoman Rosenthal and others to push legislation in the State Senate. I believe we need to moderate the rent increases allowed under the preferential rent rules. As an affordable housing builder, I know that we cannot build our way out of our affordable housing crisis. We have to keep existing tenants in their homes.

Good Jobs

We not only need STEM training in our schools but we need a massive investment in technology-based skills training so that all of our children are prepared for the jobs of the future. I support a higher minimum wage and paid family leave, but as a small business person I also understand that if we want to increase job opportunities for the entire workforce we need to provide our kids with skills they need to make well beyond the minimum wage. 

Criminal Justice

I support the raise the age legislation as well as comprehensive bail reform. I will also work to pass legislation put forth under former Assemblyman Keith Wright that would create a special investigation office under the state attorney general that would probe police-involved deaths of unarmed civilians. Additionally, I support closing Rikers Island within the next 3 years.


I believe we should explore a Medicare for All single-payer system, which is government financed and privately delivered. I will work with Assembly Member Gottfried on his New York Health Act to try to pass the legislation in the Senate. I strongly support a woman's right to choose and make her own healthcare decisions. In these times when women's rights are under attack from Washington, I will work to pass the New York Reproductive Health Act, to ensure that no matter what happens at the federal level, a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions will be protected in New York


I strongly support increasing opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses to thrive and grow and commend Assemblywoman Dickens for her leadership on this issue. Through my work with Harlem Youth Build, hiring local youth, I understand that most MWBEs are small businesses who hire from their own communities. I also support the New York State Liberty Act, which passed the Assembly, which prohibits inquiring into someone's immigration status when they contact an agency for benefits or assistance.  I intend to work diligently on passing GENDA, the gender expression non-discrimination act.

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